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Attending the Respect and Loyalty Parade in Cork City on Saturday 04/May/19

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Post 6 News New Entry  

Post 6 News
by www.iunvalimerickpostno6.net on 

Following the Post AGM, the Committee elected for 2019 are,

Chairman Joe Hayes,

Secretary Ken OBrien,

Treasurer Pat Deedigan,

Welfare Officer Tony Stack,

Transport Officer Tony Liddy,

Committee Billy McGrath, Pa Hogan.

Delegates to National Executive Pat Hinchy, Joe Hayes.

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Post 6, will hold the Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony in Saint Mary's Cathedral on Wednesday 29/May at 7pm. This is to mark the United Nations Peacekeepers Day.

All are welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing family and friends of our Comrades at the Ceremony.

A similar Ceremony will be held in Dublin on Sunday 26/May, at the IUNVA Memorial in Arbour Hill.

Next meeting Friday 31/May.

Next Meeting Thursday 30/May, 8pm NCOs Mess, Sarsfield Barracks.

Members are asked to make themselves available on that day. Please let Ken know if you are available.

Paulie Power wishes to thank all that attended Coffee Morning at the Friday Club on 28/September. Total raised €625.00.


Post No 6 would like to welcome any new members that wish to join IUNVA, or indeed welcome back any lapsed members. 

If you wish to join or rejoin, contact any current Post Member, for details. Post No 6 would like to build on its current strength and would welcome any help in that matter.

You are not required to take part in any activities if you so wish.


At the handover of the Post No 6 Newsletter to IUNVA HQ for the Museum, Tony Stack Post No 6 Delegate, Jim Casey IUNVA Chairman, Tony Liddy Post No 6 Delegate, Charlie Mott IUNVA Secretary.

The Newsletter is issued every two months and is also available on this website or can be emailed to individuals.
For details contact Ken OBrien on 086 3488118


Tony Stack, Ken OBrien, Billy McGrath.

Harry Byrnes, Tony Ledger, Pat Deedigan.

Contact Details.

Ken OBrien: Secretary.

Phone 086 3488118

Email: kenobrien@iunvalimerickpostno6.net

Currently we do not have contact details for all our members, we are trying to correct this.

If you are not receiving text notifications, please contact Ken OBrien


It was passed at Annual general meeting, that all Post No 6 members must pay a Post fee of €6 per year, this is on top of the Annual membership fee €24, which most members are paying through their pension. This €6 can be paid to any committee member. If you are unsure of your payments, please ring me on 086 3488118.

Thursday 27/April/17. Post No 6, launched a Post Newsletter.

This will be published every 2 months. 

With the intention of keeping members informed.

The Newsletter can also be seen on this site, latest issue No 12.

To access the page, click on the IUNVA Limerick Post No 6, heading and in the drop down menu click on Post No 6 Newsletter.

Issue No 13, will be available from 29/March/19, if you wish to have a copy emailed to you, please send your email address to kenobrien@iunvalimerickpostno6.net

 Tesco Community Fund

Post Chairman Tony Ledger and Secretary Ken OBrien receiving a cheque from Caoimhe on behalf of the Tesco in the Community Fund, in Arthurs Quay.

This is part of the Tesco Community Fund assisting Clubs and Causes in the locality.